Microbes: Invisible Invaders, Amazing Allies

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Microbes: Invisible Invaders, Amazing Allies will take children on an interactive journey through the hidden world of microbes, uncovering a mysterious universe of microscopic organisms — from those that sustain life on Earth to those that threaten our health and even our existence.

Microbes: Invisible Invaders, Amazing Allies is a study of microbes – viruses, fungi, bacteria, protozoa-life forms so small we need a microscope to see them. Microbes are all around us. They’re on your skin, in your bed, in your food and water. They’re even living inside us. Without them, we would have no oxygen to breathe and no food to eat.

This interactive 300m2 exhibit reveals what microbes are (bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa – “germs” to most people), explores a history of infectious diseases and shows how researchers and individuals fight infection worldwide.

Visitors can interactively explore the microbial universe with the technological magic of high definition volumetric display bringing life to full-colour viruses and bacteria that appear to float in space. Leading-edge technology allows visitors to see crystallography of the HIV, herpes and polio viruses represented as “virtual” 3-D photography. Through high-tech video games, visitors can combat bacteria with antibiotics, use virtual reality, help microbes gobble up oil spills, and participate in a question/answer quiz show about microbes’ good deeds.