Genome: The Secret of How Life Works

Through engrossing environments, interactives, artifacts, multi-media, and innovative graphics, Genome: the Secret of how Life Works explores the nature, history of discovery, and impact of our genes. The exhibit brings understanding of what the genome is, why it’s being “mapped,” what the amazing potential benefits of this research are preventing and curing disease, living longer lives, etc. and takes an intriguing look into the history of this science and the people who have shaped it – even some of the controversial issues such as cloning and origin of life.

The exhibit will showcase a number of unique learning tools specifically designed to help school children and their parents understand the genome’s function and its role in daily life. They include the following:

– Giant Double Helix: a major display of DNA’s double helix structure;

– Hereditary Slot Machines: a working slot machine that demonstrates the odds that children will inherit genes for certain characteristics;

– The Cookie Factory: a visualization of protein production in terms that children and adults alike can grasp, with DNA, genes and proteins as the ingredients and recipes for “making” human beings;

– Discovery Theatre: an opportunity to meet the minds that were instrumental in the discoveries leading up to the sequencing of the human genome.