How to Meet People Offline

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This new portrait photography exhibition was created by American artist Danny Goldfield as a reaction to the seismic changes in the political landscape and offers alternative insights into what the United States stands for today. “How To Meet People Offline” is derived from three projects: NYChildren, To Live 10,000 Years, and 1 to Infinity.


Photographing one child from every country on earth, each living in New York City. This project started as a response by Danny to anti-foreign sentiments after the 9/11 attacks.
“The children’s portraits are our dreams and the realization that among our world’s cultures they represent our collective hopes for a good life and a safe place to grow up.” – Frances Levine, President, Missouri History Museum

To Live 10,000 Years

A project on the other side of the age spectrum, photographing two people (one woman and one man) in each of the 50 United States, where all 100 need to be at least 100 years old. The story of the United States is told through the people who have lived the longest. For Danny, these elders are our messengers who came of age during the Great Depression and World War Two.

1 to Infinity

Photographing one girl or woman every age starting with a one year old and going all the way up to infinity. Danny seeks to match the infinite possibilities anticipated with the election of the first female President of the United States. Nevertheless he persists and draws inspiration from the creativity and activism of girls and women everywhere.

What to do?

In this moment of political outrage and confusion we must seek new connections outside our own communities.
“Danny Goldfield’s projects are subversive actions against social regressiveness by quietly focusing upon individuals, which short-circuits stereotypes.” – Sean Mooney, Curator, The Menil Collection

This is one way.

The “How to Meet People Offline” exhibition brings people together.
“From Goldfield’s many images, a single, rich, complex and beautiful portrait emerges” – LIFE Magazine