Salvador Dalí Collection

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Showcasing the works of the Master of Surrealism, this important collection includes sculptures, rare graphic art, glasswork, and watercolours.

Salvador Dalí worked in many media producing artworks that have become iconic. The collection highlights include bronze sculptures such as Persistence of Memory and Profile of Time featuring what for many is Dalí’s most enduring image: the melted clock. Other prominent pieces include Dalí’s beautiful illustrations of the literary greats, including Alice in Wonderland, The Art of Love, Romeo & Juliet, and Don Quichotte, as well as stunning outdoor monumental sculptures such as the Space Elephant and the Nobility of Time.

Few other artists are as instantly recognisable by the general public as Dalí, and the fascination with his life and art has not diminished since his death in 1989. Salvador Dalí commands a high level of public appeal even today, and has remained a star in the public’s perception. In fact at the latest exhibition at the Shanghai Art Museum, the show broke all record attendance with more than 55,000 people in only two weeks. The exhibition has been seen by more than eight million people around the world, and has toured over eighty prestigious museums and locations in the past twenty years.

Covering works from 1936-1985, the collection is presented by the Stratton Foundation, and is curated by Beniamino Levi who personally knew Salvador Dalí and is a world wide known expert.