The Exhibitions Agency was created in response to demand by museums and exhibition owners to access our vast global network of event operators and museum contacts and who wish to have their own exhibitions and entertainment experiences tour outside their home territories using our expertise in this area.

Beyond offering touring exhibitions, we assist and advise museums, brands, and private collectors in the following ways:

Our services


We can handle all aspects of operations and logistics including installation technicians, shippers, storage, insurance and all related fields.


We can advise on best practice in obtaining sponsorship for travelling exhibitions, and can source sponsorship for projects.


We can offer workable strategies in how to best promote exhibitions.


We can advise how to create giftshop products that demonstrate innovation, value and good design, and can help you source manufacturing and additional distribution channels.

Exhibitions Support

We can act as your freelance exhibitions assistants, helping you to contact museums for information, negotiating works for loan, fielding enquiries on your behalf, or any other ad hoc research and support your venue may require in specific territories or worldwide.

New Exhibition Design

Through our partners, we can project manage the design and production of new touring exhibitions. Whether it be an idea or concept you would like to develop into an exhibition or an existing collection that you would like turned into a show then The Exhibitions Agency can assist you.