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SHARKS is a new exhibition currently under development by the Australian Museum, Sydney, and will be toured internationally by Evergreen Exhibitions and The Exhibitions Agency.
The story of humans and sharks is an ancient one. Sometimes it’s a story of respect and harmony. At other times, the tale is one of fear, horror and intruders. To understand the role of sharks in our oceans’ fragile ecosystems, we need to know about their place in the past, their current plight, and imagine what a future world would look like without sharks. Visitors are invited into a world dominated by members of the shark family to explore themes such as their genetic diversity, territories, interactions and significance to ocean ecosystems.


  • Ethically sourced natural science specimens, fossils, cultural objects and scientifically accurate life-size and scaled models
  • Tactile and interactive elements alongside cutting-edge audio-visual components
  • Rich and layered narrative stories providing clear information and emotive voices from a diverse cross-section of our global communities
  • Suitable for all ages – great for families and featuring topics relevant to school curricula

The SHARKS exhibition will launch in Sydney in November 2021 and is available for international touring from 2023. (Approx size 600-800m2)